The Billy Weeks Fellowship Program (BWFP) is dedicated to helping empower at-risk high school students with the skills needed to achieve their dreams and lead fulfilling lives.  We teach young people critical college, career and life goal achievement skills and provide scholarships to students in financial need.

The Challenge

  • Public high school students are dropping out at alarming rates.
  • At-risk students are not getting a fair opportunity to earn a college degree.
  • Our talented resources are fleeing the communities that so desperately need them.
  • Those left behind are often underemployed or unemployed.
  • The cycle of poverty continues.

Please read on to learn about our solutions or view an introductory video from our Founder here.

You can learn more about Bill’s book “Achievement Meaningful Life Goals – Including Qualifying for the Boston Marathon” at: www.achievemeaningfulgoals.org.