The Billy Weeks Fellowship Program (BWFP) was established in memory of William Robert (Billy) Weeks.  The BWFP was incorporated in late 2010 and is located in NYC.  We are a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.

BWFP is rooted in the belief that deep personal satisfaction (happiness) is achieved when one’s most valuable and important goals are obtained.

Founder and Executive Director, William R. (Bill) Weeks, is the former founder of a multi-million dollar healthcare management full time for a youth services organization that provides educational and seed funding for young adults to establish socially responsible ventures.

He has self-published a book, “Achieve Meaningful Life Goals – Including Qualifying for the Boston Marathon”, sharing his life planning, goal setting and achievement experiences.  Bill’s book can be purchased at www.achievemeaningfulgoals.org.  All proceeds benefit the BWFP.

Our Inspiration

William Robert (Billy) Weeks is far and away the inspiration for this youth serving organization.  Billy bravely fought a rare brain disorder for just short of seven years.  The strength and tenacity he displayed while facing his challenges (He was admitted over twenty times to at least eleven different hospitals in a six year span) is beyond compare.

His loving and beautiful blue eyes and yellowish blonde hair are reflected in the colors of our logo.

There is no doubt that the courage and resolve Billy exuded as a young man would have translated into a passionate and fruitful life.  He did not get the chance to make his full mark on society; however it is hoped that through his story,and this organization, he will.