I was born on November 7, 1998 in Senegal, Africa.  I was raised by my grandmother. My mom left Africa and came to New York when I was five years old and I came to New York when I was eleven years old.  My mom brought me to New York to have a better life.  My life is awesome, because I have whatever I want.  My parents give me whatever I want, because I work hard to make them proud.  They give me food, they buy me clothes; they do whatever for me.  I keep up the work and make them proud.  It is like I am in heaven.

I want to be someone one day.  I want to be a doctor and if you want to be a doctor you have to work really, really hard.  I want to work really hard in high school, go to college, and succeed in life.

In the BWFB, I learned never give up, because when we were doing the audio and videos for the tips, I did not give up, even though I have an accent.  Some people who have accents are shy, because they think that people are going to make fun of them.  But in the community class nobody makes fun of me. We support each other.  For example when I do not pronounce a word correctly, my classmates correct me instead of laughing at me and the teacher always praises me.  I do not like giving up.  My mom taught me that.

One thing I want to achieve through participation in the BWFP is that I want to run really fast, when we go to the park.  I don’t know how to run really fast though, but I try my best.