Program Overview

The BWFP College, Career, and Goal Achievement program serves at-risk high school students seeking to maximize and realize their potential. Programming begins for students in their freshman year and continues through high school graduation.

The BWFP program is offered during school or non-school hours and in a variety of settings.

We work with students via weekly sessions providing mentoring and programming through their senior year. The first year culminates with a solid “High School to College Road Map” that is then implemented and enacted throughout the balance of their high school years. Mentors are assigned in the student’s freshman year.

“High School to College (to Life) Road Maps” include such things as:

  • How to set and accomplish meaningful goals
  • Identifying interests and potential career interests
  • Understanding college entry requirements
  • Determining how to become attractive to colleges
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Avoiding high-risk activities
  • Exploring civic engagement and social responsibility
  • Knowing where to go to get help if and when needed

A health and fitness element is interjected into the program by setting a mutual goal of training for, and finishing, a 5k run.

Students that successfully complete the four-year program are eligible for scholarship funding based upon need.

Call: 610-909-9292 or e-mail if your school, youth, or community organization is interested in hosting our program.