2013 Scholar: Henry Ghaney

The Billy Weeks Fellowship Program congratulates Henry Ghaney, our 2013 BWFP Scholar.  Henry is a dynamic, driven young man who has remained focused on his future throughout four years of high school at Validus Preparatory Academy in Bronx, NY.  Henry is the first scholar to also be a graduate of the BWFP leadership program.

Active in his community, Henry frequently volunteers through school clubs.  He is one of the top students in his class and an avid runner and wrestler.  Henry is poised, compassionate, and dedicated to mentoring younger students.  We are confident he will excel in college and represent everything that the BWFP stands for of empowering dreams and empowering lives.

2012 Scholar: Ms. Selma Nagaiya

The Billy Weeks Fellowship Program awarded its inaugural $2,000.00 college character scholarship to Ms. Selma Nagaiya, a senior at Validus Preparatory Academy, Bronx, NY on May 24, 2012.

Ms. Nagaiya
Ms. Nagaiya
Ms. Nagaiya, born and raised in the Bronx, clearly embodies the characteristics of a BWFP Scholar.  She has consistently demonstrated tenacity when confronted with a challenge; has set and achieved personal and educational goals; and, is a resilient, motivated and talented young woman.

May 2013 Update from Selma:

Hello all.  I am currently a freshman at Syracuse University, in the School of Information Studies, majoring in Information Technology. Being a college student has its ups and downs.  As a freshmen, I really struggled my freshmen year because of the huge transition from high school to college.  The work was a lot more difficult, there’s no one there to constantly pressure you to do well, you’re independent and the cost for books is ridiculously expensive.  College is very overwhelming for me.  However I got through it.  I made sure I visited my advisors every week to update them on my progress, I used the Billy Weeks Scholarship I received my senior year of high school to buy my books, I took advantage of the schools resources like the writing center, I joined different organizations such as WIT (Women in Technology), ASU (African Student Union), and I got a job working in the school’s dining hall. It wasn’t the best job, but it was the highest paid job on campus.  If God permits, I will be taking classes at Syracuse University in the summer.

Attending Syracuse University has truly been a blessing.  I am grateful for all the people in my high school and family who made it possible for me to make it where I am at today.  Syracuse is a wonderful school with an amazing campus and people who are actually willing to help you, no matter how busy they may be.  There’s so much opportunity on this campus and I am willing to take advantage of all of it.  I hope to continue persuading upcoming college students to attend Syracuse University because honestly, attending this university has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.